Our clients are architects, interior designers, and those looking for a unique, organic architectural atmosphere through raw materials. 

Our collaboration begins with a personal consultation. It is essential for us to get to know the client’s lifestyle, personality and design ethic. We incorporate these elements into their custom project, resulting in a bespoke, timeless design that becomes one with the architecture, creating a cohesive ambiance. The consultation also provides an opportunity for the client to view samples showcasing the variety of products, color options, techniques and finishes.

Following the consultation, custom samples are created for the client’s approval. Once approved, a project proposal is prepared. At the commencement of a project we take great care to respect the clients space, through proper preparation, protection of surrounding surfaces, and professional conduct. All of our artisans are highly trained and skilled, resulting in a smooth process with mutual trust. Once the project is completed, clients are left with their custom designed finish that enhances their space.